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Learn to Fly in Tuscaloosa

  • Aviation in Tuscaloosa goes back almost as far as the era of the original pioneers, the Wright brothers. Today's airport is a major regional airport serving the public and business communities with full services on the ground and in the air.

Professional Flight Instructor

  • Carlton A. Clayton, your flight instructor, is a professional and business pilot, certified at all levels of flight instruction, including ratings in single engine, multi engine, instrument, and commercial aviation. He can start you out from scratch, or work with pilots wishing to upgrade their qualifications, whether looking for instrument, commercial, or multi engine training. He learned to fly in Tuscaloosa and knows the area you will be flying over very well. He has worked at Bama Air and Dixie Air in Tuscaloosa, flown numerous corporate aircraft, and is avid about all aspects of aviation.

Everything You Need

  • For a preview of what you can expect as a new or returning student pilot, go to Products page.


Learn to Fly at Tuscaloosa Regional Airport